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Lance Sijan Plane Dedication

Jeff's Legion Rider group participated in the Sijan Plane dedication today. Lance Sijan was a great American hero to was killed in captivity in Vietnam.  He was honored today with the dedication of an F-14 fighter plane that was placed near the airport in his honor.

The family was escorted from Humboldt Park to the airport by a group of 103 riders.

There were dignitaries who spoke at the event and we took the opportunity to take photos of them and thank them for all they do for us.

It was a wonderful event and I am glad I had the opportunity to attend.
Wednesday, May 24 0 comments

My Friend Rose

This is a photo I've loved for a very long time. It was taken at a holiday gathering at my friend Carol's house. The photo includes Carol's mother, Rose. Over the past few years I have come to call Rose not just my friend's mom, but my friend. We played Words with Friends pretty much daily. Sometimes I had a lapse where I didn't log on to my iPad and sometimes Rose wasn't there either. But for the most part, Rose and I played that game with vigor. We chatted on the app's chat log and had 2 and sometimes 3 games going at once. We both agreed that we were each other's best competition. When I had my very painful spine surgeries, I spent most of my days alone recovering while my husband was away during the day at work. No matter how miserable I was during those days I always had Rose. I could count on her being there. I know Rose had some health issues too. But neither of us ever mentioned what we were going through when we chatted. We stayed positive no matter what. She was always there. I hope she thought that of me as well.

This week Rose passed away. I don't know what I will do without her.
Wednesday, April 26 0 comments

Chloe's Organs

Chloe had a class assignment where she had to make organs and place them exactly where they should go. She was so proud of her accomplishment that she wanted me to take a picture. In this photo she is pointing out all of the organs.

I said to her "I see you made brains too". Her response was priceless. She said to me "It's brain grandma, not brains. We only have one".

So smart.

Chloe Places an Order

My granddaughter, Chloe who is 7 years old knows how to use the Amazon app on my iPad. She recently decided she loves Littlest Pet Shop toys. So she thought she would order herself some to add to her collection.

I did not realize how smart she was until this happened. I suppose I better pay closer attention to what she is doing on the internet now.
Sunday, April 9 0 comments

My Version of Spring

Even though we are past the first day of spring, today really feels like we're there. I think we have crossed that threshold where I have to worry about another snow storm so I can put my winter boots away and replace them with my motorcycle boots.

A sure sign of spring!
Thursday, March 9 0 comments

The Cranes

We've had this adorable couple visiting us on a daily basis. I've seen them every day for the last few weeks. Jeff wishes they would go somewhere else but he won't actually chase them away. And I don't blame him for not wanting them here, they are tearing up the yard. They dig with their long beaks into the grass and yank up chunks as they dig. It's a little like having the lawn aerated. For now we will enjoy watching their grace as they walk around the yard and their beauty as their wing spans expand as they fly away.